Recognising our enemy

Published in Pakistan Today on the 27th of May, 2011.

The unfortunate attack on PNS Mehran is yet another incident that seems an attempt to somehow prove that Pakistan is not capable of safeguarding its territory in general and its military and defence installations in particular. Since the motive seems to be the same, it isn’t improbable that the people behind all these activities are the same as well. Pakistan is well aware of the presence of CIA operatives inside its territory, their activities, however, may not be so visible. It is about time that we realise and recognise our real enemies and our real allies and improvise accordingly.
There is no need to disguise facts as ‘conspiracy theories’ and give them any less attention than is appropriate. We desperately need to wake up, unite and fight our enemies before it is too late. Our government needs to probe into the CIA’s involvement in the terrorist activities and we need to explicitly include drone attacks into the ambit of terrorism against our state. The world needs to bear in mind that the US accepts that the excuse for invading and perpetually destroying Iraq, weapons of mass destruction, was made up and WMDs in Iraq never really existed. The US or any other state should not be allowed to repeat such monstrosity and we should do our part in ensuring that it is definitely not against our dear homeland.


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