16th July, 2009


In the drops, in the rain
in the ground and the grain
in the shadows of the night
in the day, in the light

in the far in the near
in the vague and the clear
in the joy in the glee
in pain and despair

in your heart in your soul
in the half in the whole
in the shallow and the deep
in the secrets that you keep

I am here I am there
I am all and everywhere
forever I have been
forever I am here

have been your friend
and so your family
I am far when you look
am close when you see

When you sleep when you wake
when promises you break
all the wrongs all the rights
every step that you take

I am there when you break
and when you go astray
I never let you go
forgive you everyday

I’ve known all your masks
have seen your every face
I have shown you who you are
when you forget your place

You have seen me in your highs
I’ve been there when you’re low
when merry life went by
when sorrow made it slow

You owe me all you have
and all you’ll ever be
the truth is all around you
in wait for you to see

                                                      Zafar Sahi



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