The Raymond Davis Affair

Published in Pakistan Today on the 18th of March, 2011.

So the inevitable has happened. I guess we were all wrong and delusional to expect that we would be able to hold an alleged American spy, allegedly known as Raymond Davis, accountable for murdering two Pakistani citizens in broad daylight. It was wrong to assume that when he would be exposed he would be held answerable for his crimes, both known and unknown, against our country. They could have easily taken him away any day after his arrest, in connivance with our very cooperative government but instead they chose the option of giving it a legitimate face. However, there were two possible benefits we could have gained from the incident of Davis’s crime and subsequent arrest. Firstly, if Davis was tried and punished for his crimes it could have awakened the long slumbering principle of equality before law in our legal system. But that wasn’t very probable; there is no equality before our law. Influence and money have always manipulated our legal system to whichever form required.
The second possible outcome, to our benefit, could be the exposure of the presence of CIA operatives in Pakistan. We are relatively more aware of the presence of these individuals owing to the Davis affair. What needs to be done is to scrutinise them, investigate into how and why they are here. And that would undoubtedly be good riddance to bad rubbish.


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