A Revolution within

Published in Pakistan Today on the 22nd of June, 2011.

Do we need a revolution? What do we do to change things and set everything right? These are indeed some stimulating thoughts. Unfortunately, we all have become inherently corrupt or at least more than 90 % of us. The ranger who shot that kid is not alone; there are millions of people out there who would do things that are equally criminal.

We find ourselves generally frustrated with all that is wrong in our society, but somehow we are only against the wrongs of others and have justified our own wrongs. God forbid if all essentials of a revolution are fulfilled, there still won’t be a revolution, only chaos where everyone is killing others. The solution is verily to begin with “I”. When we will have completely corrected ourselves, it wouldn’t matter if we make a difference or not, we will at least be at peace with ourselves. As for Pakistan, no movement or protest is ever going to set things right, it will only replace existing wrong doers with new ones. We need to let go of judging and criticising everyone else, and focus on ourselves and our wrongs and correct them.


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