Social acceptance for corruption

Published in Pakistan Today on the 22nd of July, 2011.

There is no shred of doubt about the fact that corruption is an evil, it can bring down societies and nations and plunge them into darkness. But there is a bigger evil that threatens us even more and promises to aid corruption in devastating Pakistan; that evil is the growing social acceptance for corruption in our society. Verbal criticism for corruption still remains, condemnation by actions, however, seems to be negligible.

Instead of condemning, ridiculing and isolating corrupt individuals, we tend to appreciate and respect them owing to the riches they have made and the posts of influence they have gained by resorting to corruption. The number of people who are condemning corruption by word and by action are on their way to extinction in our society.

What if there is hardly anyone left to even raise his voice against corruption and the corrupt. Media is undoubtedly playing its part in keeping that voice alive, but we need to do more.
I would suggest a media campaign against the corrupt. Be it politicians, generals, bureaucrats, industrialists, patwaris, judges or anyone in any class or establishment, every corrupt individual has to be exposed. We need to be reminded that no social or religious norm allows us to respect and approve of anyone who is corrupt and has consequently deprived one or more citizens of their rights.    They have to be isolated and discouraged. Even if we don’t manage to eradicate corruption or the corrupt completely, we can at least curtail the social acceptance for this mother of all social evils.



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