Post Election PTI

I did not vote for PTI on May 11th and I am happier with my decision than I was on May 11th.

I remember having several discussions with PTI fans/followers during the last one and a half year. Some delusional ones expecting that PTI would be the only party to bag votes, others more pragmatic hoping that PTI would make its mark, which it did.

The pre election drive and performance of PTI was impressive; they were organized, motivated and vibrant. Several changes we see in our political trends and culture are a result of Imran Khan’s efforts. Sadly the only party whose fans somehow fail to appreciate these changes is PTI. These include;

  • ·         voters going beyond petty considerations of baradariism and groupings,
  • ·         elite and educated class entering the voters zone,
  • ·         minimal or no interference by the establishment and,
  • ·         one of the most able and free election commission in our electoral history.

What went wrong with these vibrant followers post election?

Let me first say that PTI’s performance in these elections is commendable, impressive and promising. Emerging as the second largest party in its very first elections as an organized political party is a feat worthy of appreciation. Then, as I said earlier, several positive changes in our electoral and political trends are owing to PTI and Imran Khan. The voters did think beyond petty considerations and used their vote responsibly for the political party they believed could provide them with much awaited relief.

In the post election scenario PTI followers went out of control. Firstly they somehow believed that since they and their friends have voted for PTI, other votes should not have been counted. For instance we have a dharna in Lahore by PTI fans and followers in DHA who believe that since the 2 DHA Union Councils voted for PTI the other 21 Union councils in this constituency should have been ignored and the preferences of those voters should be bulldozed. Then there is this widespread call of foul play and rigging implying that the seats won by PTI were won fair and square, but where they lost it was all due to an evil master plan.

I don’t mean any disrespect but most of these fans do not know much about the electoral process since they themselves admit that it was the very first time they voted or took an interest in the elections. So anything that they didn’t comprehend or understand they called rigging. Few of these followers say that Mr. Saad Rafique entered one of the polling stations and ‘we had to forcibly throw him out because he was there to rig’. Well in accordance with the Code of Conduct it was the right of any contesting candidate to enter any polling station and booth and NOONE, not even the polling agents, was allowed inside a booth. So when you misbehaved with him and threw him out you were the ones who actually broke the law and he was the one who was victimized and should have lodged a complaint.

Then there is the Dharna in Karachi. I admit the elections in Karachi were far from free and fair, as usual. But you lodged a complaint, Election commission took due course of law and you had re-polling resulting in PTI’s victory. So there is a due process and it delivered, then why the dharna? Now even after doing its job ECP shouldn’t get any credit for correcting a wrong? And PTI gives all the credit to the dharna.

The most criminal of PTI followers’ post election tantrums was the abuse extended for those who voted for other parties, especially PMLN and Punjabis. I am sure these were just a few of the party’s followers on social media, never the less it was an absolutely foolish, ignorant and vile act.

I congratulate Imran Khan and PTI on all its achievements and I wish them the best of luck. I also hope that with time the party and its followers will mature politically. I wish you could graciously admit defeat, except where actual rigging took place, and start working for a better Pakistan along with other political parties, especially those who have been given the mandate to govern by the PEOPLE.