Forgotten Promises

Our bodies drenched in blood
were left behind on bloody floors
while millions wept and grieved
death stood at our classroom doors

and promises you make
you say you will not rest
you will avenge our tragic deaths
you say you’ll do your best

they greet us dressed in white
gathered at the heaven’s gate
they said there will be others
so join us while we wait

no others shall follow
for we were promised so
we told them while they smiled
and held our hands to show

we saw how they were butchered
no differently than we
for being a non-believer
as they too were thought to be

they too were promised vengeance
forgotten but they were
some killed for being a shia
or an alleged blasphemer

others who were murdered
by butchers on a spree
for following our religion
the way it’s meant to be

don’t break another promise
that’s what we ask of you
will this time be different
or will we be forgotten too?


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