The Blue Brick City

Residents had grown accustomed to blue brick houses and blue brick buildings. Decade after decade they hadn’t seen a building that wasn’t blue. Forgotten there even existed a red brick in the world, they were oblivious to and complacent with the damage blue did to their eyes and to their lives.

Then one day a nobleman stood on the blue brick bench in the blue brick park of the blue brick city and gave a sermon on the evil that was the blue brick. He reminded the people of how there existed red bricks in the world. He told them stories of other cities with red brick buildings and how their citizens lived happy and prosperous lives. He promised the people a red brick building; the tallest in the city.

The people started talking, believing and hoping.

In the centre of the city’s busiest street, the man started building. His team of builders, architects and masons soon realized how red bricks were much heavier than the blue ones, and that it required a lot of extra effort to carry them. They came to the nobleman and told him it was impossible to build such a tall structure entirely out of red bricks. Using only a few blue bricks wouldn’t make a difference they said, and the nobleman agreed. The next morning when residents saw blue bricks in the wall, they began talking, doubting and questioning. The nobleman stood on the blue brick bench in the blue brick park and explained how a few blue bricks didn’t matter and will not even be noticeable once the structure stood built. The people believed, hoped and waited.

It was next discovered by the team that they would need to dig deep into the grounds to fetch red bricks buried beneath tons of soil; it would take a lot of effort. Thus they came to the nobleman and told him there weren’t enough red bricks to build and that if the front walls were red, it wouldn’t matter if walls on the back were blue. The nobleman agreed. The residents then saw entire walls that were blue. They started talking, doubting and questioning. Yet again, the nobleman stood on the blue brick bench in the blue brick park and explained how only the front walls mattered. The people believed, hoped and waited.

As time went by and the back walls were built, it was now the front wall’s turn. As the team started to lay the heavy red bricks, they discovered it would take a very large amount of mortar to make the bricks hold. It would be very expensive and tiresome, they said to each other. The nobleman was told that it wasn’t  possible for the red bricks to hold, and the building would either not stand, and even if it stood for a few days, it would eventually collapse. It was thus wiser to build the building with blue bricks and then place a red brick at the top for the people to see and benefit from. The nobleman doubted his team for a moment, and then believed them for he had no experience in building and had to trust the trusted experts. He thus agreed.

On the blue brick bench the nobleman stood and explained: it didn’t matter what color the building was, it didn’t matter if the building was blue, as long as the brick on top was red.

The red bricks were removed, and the entire building was built in blue with a red brick on top, only to be removed and forgotten years later.

The promised red building was delivered to the people, only it was blue.


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