Agents Agents everywhere.


How dare Shafqat shame this great, honorable nation by making a few unintentional mistakes while singing our national anthem? Even if 90 % of us did not know that he had actually made those mistakes until we were told by the few who knew the anthem by heart and could pronounce it correctly, how dare he!

Before walking out at the Eden Gardens and standing before an Indian Crowd, Shafqat should have known that he is an ambassador of Pakistan and that his performance will honor or dishonor this great, self respecting, righteous nation. He should also have known that any unintentional mistake, petty as it may be, will not go unnoticed, un-bashed, or un-blown-out-of-proportion. We do not forgive, we do forget though, but as long as we remember, we do not forgive. We later forget and do not remember what we haven’t forgiven you for, nevertheless, we never forgive.

Shafqat’s crime is no way any less grave than the crimes of Sharmeen Obaid Chinoi. Sharmeen chose to shame this great, righteous, holy nation by highlighting a non-existent vice i.e. honor killing of women. It was her, who first with the help of CIA hired some men and planted them in different parts of Pakistan to start families and later kill a woman of their family in the name of honor. She then made a documentary on those killings and brought a bad name to Pakistan; this great country of the noblest of  people. It is surprising how some ‘liberals’ haven’t cracked the code, it is so obvious. If the so-called criminals who committed these crimes were not planted by Sharmeen in connivance with the CIA, how did she know where to find them? ehh? ehh?

Shafqat on the other hand was hired later on, as part of the same conspiracy to defame this greatest of great nations. RAW was in on this one. He was paid a huge sum for making an unintentional mistake that would disrepute Pakistan. Motive? If a professional singer can make an unintentional mistake while singing the national anthem, how can Pakistan ensure the safety and security of its nuclear arsenal? ehh? ehh?

Then there is another agent on the list, a madam that goes by the name QB. The foreign intelligence agency behind her has not be identified yet, or has been identified but cannot be revealed. There are rumors that she works for the devil himself. She is responsible for spreading profanity in our otherwise sin-less society. I have to admit she does work in mysterious, supernatural ways. It is heard that in her videos, she subliminally hypnotizes you, making you go back in time and clicking on her videos. Why else would any Muslim brother click the video that obviously has some provocative or profane content in it?

A recent survey based on public opinion conducted by a private secret agency has revealed that 30% of Pakistanis are either CIA or RAW agents. Another 40-50% are terrorist sympathizers, jaahils, paindus, fundoos, falanoos and timkanoos. The rest have just not been exposed yet because they have chosen to keep their opinions to themselves, or do not have a Facebook or Twitter account yet.


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