These Muslims I tell you..


You are a kid, a fourteen year old, and you spend hours on a science project. With the help of some God gifted talent, you hope to impress your science teacher on the first day of high school; you make a clock. What should you expect from school?

Well there are two scenarios that can follow. One is pre-9/11 and the other is post 9/11 – 9/11 is September 11th, 2001 when a few terrorists of various nationalities allegedly carried out the most violent terrorist attack on American soil (I say allegedly because to this day there is evidence to suggest that 9/11 may have been an inside job, evidence that hasn’t been inquired into or addressed by any state or government in official capacity and has only been ignored and successfully labeled a result of cuckoo imagination. Well I am one of those “cuckoo conspiracists” so I will continue to use the term “alleged”.)

A pre 9/11 reaction would entail appreciation of your talent by your teachers and fellow students. You would succeed in impressing your science teacher and school, and this impression would go a long way in your success at high school and after.

Post 9/11? You will be arrested.

You will be arrested for trying to make something that bears a similarity with a bomb, and moreover, for the fact that your name bears a similarity with Muslim names. If you have a very Muslim name like Ahmed Mohammad, you should consider going to school naked and without any books or stationary.

For Muslim kids, especially ones with names like Ahmed Mohammad, your uniform is not just clothes, it is an item that “looks like” something that can be tied together and used to strangle innocent civilians. (For reference: “Terrorists” means Muslims, and “innocent civilians” means non-Muslims. Post-9/11, a non-Muslim cannot be a terrorist, regardless of what he blows up or how many people he kills, especially if he kills Muslims, and a Muslim cannot be an “innocent civilian”.) Your Books aren’t books, they are items that “look like” something that can be used as a blunt object to hurt innocent civilians. Your pen or pencils aren’t stationary, they are items that “look like” sharp objects that can and may be used to stab innocent civilians.

Ahmad Mohammad should not have carried his home-made clock to school, and then have the audacity to go on and show his project to his teachers. Only a terrorist would do that, it’s like he wanted to be arrested. He brought this on himself, and is now playing victim to seek sympathy and attention, huh! these Muslims I tell you..

Ahmed behaved like a terrorist, if he weren’t a terrorist, he would do the following;

  1. First and foremost: NOT be called Ahmed, or by any other Muslim name.
  2. Not carry his “looks like bomb” object to school, instead he would have concealed and carried a real weapon, a gun maybe, to his school or a cinema.
  3. Not plan on impressing his teachers, but in fact go on a shooting spree killing as many as he could.

As is evident by several events, these actions are committed by “deranged”, “disturbed” or “victimized” “innocent” civilians and not terrorists.

All this sympathy and support for Ahmed is unjustified and stupid. I salute his school and teachers for their bravery and courage which saved billions of human lives, a few dolphins and the climate.

Ahmed’s case made the media ignore a vile act by another Muslim kid. A four year old Muslim boy named Mohammad Abdullah al-Bakistani, gave a balloon to his kindergarten teacher and was arrested for sexual assault, because the balloon was not inflated and “looked like” a condom.

These Muslims I tell you….


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