Time to save democracy? (Chukko apni apni democracy te nasso)


Mr. Zardari is not in Pakistan. After his threat of ‘eint se eint baja dein ge’ he apparently went abroad in search for eints (bricks).

A threat from abroad just isn’t as effective, so Mr. Opposition leader had to do. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) through Mr. Opposition Leader has threatened the waging of a jang (war) if the anti corruption operation is extended to Mr. Zardari.

The threat has (not) fallen on deaf ears. High ups in the Army and Rangers have started consulting experts to understand what the word jang (war) means, since they have absolutely no idea. The Army or the Rangers have nothing to do with wars and battles so it is a pretty scary threat.

PPP, Mr. Zardari in particular, knows exactly how effective this threat is and thus is now preparing for the war. Weapons have been loaded with PPP’s typical ammunition which includes Bhutto, Bibi, adalati qatal, qurbanian, jamhooriat, mazeed qurbanian, 11 saal jail, taqleefain, adha kilo alu, awam, 4 rotian, 2 gazz kapra aur kirayay ka makaan.

It is prepared for sacrifices. Several men and women of some integrity will sacrifice their self respect, and what’s left of their principles, to defend a man who they all know to be corrupt.

The Army and Rangers are now scared and confused, wondering what a war is and aware of the huge vote bank (a bank account maintained by virtue of being in power with votes of the people) of MQM and PPP. It is reported that the Army may ask the government to give in to MQM and PPP’s demands for establishing a monitoring committee to supervise Karachi operation against terrorism and economic terrorism.

On a side note, on the same principle an amendment is also being brought for the Criminal Procedure Code whereby all future arrests and investigations of persons accused of murder, rape and dacoity, will be supervised by a committee of persons nominated by those accused.

After MQM and PPP, a few other political parties are said to be working on final drafts of speeches that include threats and words of protest, to be made at the right time.

An anonymous source of an anonymous friend of my anonymous self got his hands on a top secret book called “Zardari’s handbook on political terminologies”. Apparently this handbook is used by several senior political leaders. In it are the following two definitions;

“democracy” has been defined as: “a politician’s black money, ill gotten wealth, criminal activities and misuse of power”.

The term “to save democracy”: “to do all in one’s power to escape exposure and consequent legal action”.

It now makes sense why they hold democracy so dear when they don’t even apply the very basics of it to themselves or their parties. All their struggles to “save democracy” now make sense. Mr. Zardari spent 11 years in jail to “save democracy”. He will hurl, and have hurled, any and all threats and abuses to “save democracy”.

MQM has already been trying to save their democracy, PPP will join the struggle and some others will follow. Big “democratic” political figures will fall prey to the operation against economic terrorism. The question is, will a war actually follow?

I don’t think so. Because they don’t have an army to fight their war. The people who formed armies for these “democrats” want an end to this looting and plundering.

None of you have the army. Maybe that’s the most significant factor; none of them have the army anymore, the Army has itself.


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