The (fictitious) conversation

A friend of mine who is in the media heard from a friend of his who is in the Army that he heard a friend of his saying that he heard from an anonymous person that following conversation between two very famous anonymous individuals was recorded by an anonymous institution.

Mr. Anonymous 1: You should call for a strike. It’s been a long while since you guys called for city wide strike. Maybe that will help.

Mr. Anonymous 2: We would, we did actually, but had to retract. We don’t have the “resources” to ensure city wide shutdown anymore. We’re afraid our call may turn out to be an embarrassment, exposing our popularity – or absence thereof – in the masses.

Mr. Anonymous 1: The supreme court has ruled in favor of military courts. You know what that means don’t you?

Mr. Anonymous 2: Well, it doesn’t make much difference to us, we are already facing the military. As for you, you may be joining us soon now.

Mr. Anonymous 1: I know, but you are like a brother to me, I worry for you like I worry for myself.

Mr. Anonymous 2: Bull crap! When they raided my home and all this began, you said you are with me, but then you ignored us and went silent to save your own skin.

Mr. Anonymous 1: Well that seemed right then, this seems right now.

Mr. Anonymous 2: Now, saving me is saving yourself. So? what should I do?

Mr. Anonymous 1: about en masse resignations?

Mr. Anonymous 2: I don’t know what good would that do. I mean from the looks of it, resignations would readily and happily be accepted.

Mr. Anonymous 1: No no, what if I assured you that your resignations would not be accepted? Do it just as a topi-drama, you are the master of topi-drama any way.

Mr. Anonymous 2: Hmm…still what good would that do?

Mr. Anonymous 1: Well, for starters, it will give us a chance to “save democracy” again. And in that, you know we can do a lot.

Mr. Anonymous 2: What about your brother? Is he on board?

Mr. Anonymous 1: I haven’t talked to him yet, but I am sure I can convince him. After all, he maybe next in line after me.

Mr. Anonymous 2: Ok, this sounds exciting. We will resign, then a committee will be formed to bring us back. Wait, wouldn’t that be exactly what that youngster did? We just recently bashed him for this. If we do the same, wouldn’t that be wrong? Morally I mean.

Mr. Anonymous 1: ………………………….

Mr. Anonymous 2: …Hahahahahaha.

Mr. Anonymous 1: …Hahahahahaha.

Mr. Anonymous 2: Lets do it.


Disclaimer: This post may have been written, published and shared “by mistake” in case it offends, or appears to mock, any political party.


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