Our enemy’s enemy, not necessarily our friend.

After the terrible massacre of people from Islamaili community in Karachi, President of Pakistan cancelled his visit to Sri Lanka and flew to Karachi immediately. He was briefed by Rangers about the incident and the initial inquiry. Mr. President then called head of the Ismaili community Prince Karim Agha Khan, to offer his condolences and assure him of swift justice.

While the President, and his cabinet in uniform, believes RAW may be behind this attack, the shadow civil government believes otherwise.

“It is not sane to jump to conclusions”, they say, “especially when such conclusions involve a neighboring country. We should remember that this neighboring country has exclusive rights ewhen it comes to jumping to conclusions and blaming ISI for anything from a blast in India to their Prime Minister’s bowel movement.”
“The probability of RAW’s hand in Karachi massacre is therefore ruled out, for the time being. A conspiracy against this civil shadow government, however, cannot be ruled out. While the President was being lauded for his just and appropriate response, Prime Minister of the civil shadow government, along with some friends, was shown having lunch. This certainly was part of a conspiracy since there was no lunch served in that meeting. The Prime Minister’s words were edited to make it sound like he said ‘lunch’, when he actually said ‘wipe my tears please’. His tears were also photo-shopped out while food items were photo-shopped in.”

Prime Minister of the civil shadow-shadow government was also lauded for sending his man to Karachi. Unfortunately during his flight to Karachi, the man had forgotten what he was supposed to do once in Karachi. He thus went on a dismissing spree, only to withdraw the orders after taking his evening medication that jolts his memory occasionally.

The citizens of Pakistan witnessed the President’s actions and the actions of civil shadow government, civil shadow-shadow government and the rightful claimant to a civil shadow government.

Many citizens remained silent and in grief over Karachi’s tragedy. Some spoke their minds and expressed their concern. But only the truly patriotic citizens changed their profile pictures. Some even went all out to add sad emoticons to their facebook statuses. These patriotic citizens of Pakistan expressed their grief and sorrow, resolved to not forget as long as they manage to remember.

Some insane citizens questioned the possibility of a foreign hand looking to disrupt Pakistan’s progress, fight against terrorists and economic growth. But it were the saner citizens who suggested to ignore a foreign hand and look inwards.

Why should we blame RAW for our ills? We should only blame ISI for our ills and the ills of India” they said. “If there is an intelligence agency responsible for any wrong, its the ISI. And if there is no possibility of ISI being involved in a crime, then rest assured no intelligence agency of the world can be involved.

‘Likes’ and ‘shares’ on such statements are a testament to their veracity and intellectual strength.

The good thing about us citizens is that we remember, we grieve, until of course distracted by other news like what Reham Khan said and what Ayyan wore to her hearing.

We the citizens stand united in these adverse times beyond ethnic and religious divides, until of course the Judicial Commission’s next hearing or another decision from a tribunal brings us to each other’s throats over political divides.

We see each other as brothers when some of our brothers and sisters are killed by animals, until of course we see each other as traitors for supporting someone we do not support.

RAW may be aiding these activities in Pakistan, local Pakistani people and hate mongers may be behind these barbarities, but it is us; the patriotic sane citizens who provide a conducive environment for anyone who wants to divide us. We are practically self sufficient in that. Divided over provinces, sects, political affiliations, feminism, even clans and castes; we don’t disagree, we despise anyone who does not share our opinion. We do not love each other for being Pakistanis, we hate each other for being a “nooni”, “insafian”, “peeplia” etc.

The problem is within us, in our attitudes, our apathy and our tendency to hate more than our tendency to love. Our enemy’s enemy is not necessarily our friend, for he may also be our enemy for other political or pettier reasons.


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