Revisiting 9/11: A conspiracy theorist’s perspective.


An event that changed the global attitude towards terrorism in particular and Muslims/Islam in general is – thirteen years later – still clouded in controversy, doubts and conspiracy theories.

Truth about the events of September 11, 2001 is far from being revealed. Several movements within the US, seeking re-investigation, are gaining momentum.

Though the early questions raised on the veracity of US government’s claims were easily snubbed and buried under public paranoia, hysteria and fear, as time passes, it is now getting difficult to dodge pertinent questions of the American, as well as global, public.

“How did the twin towers fall on themselves, as is only possible in planned demolitions?” is one of the main queries raised by skeptics and experienced architects and engineers alike. Several other intriguing questions continue to be raised.

Snubbed, dubbed and labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists’, all who have doubts about 9/11; an event that gave United States a license to wage war on Iraq and Afghanistan, have been sidelined by mainstream media. Only on few odd occasions did any channel convey these doubts to the public at large.

To all who believe in the story like the word of God, I ask what if?

What if it does turn out to be an inside job?

What makes you so certain that the American government, or the Bush administration to be precise, could not have possibly gone ahead with a conspiracy so vile?

Is it because of the assumption that Bush, his neoconservatives and the CIA valued the lives of US citizens and would not kill so many for any cause?

The only factor that differentiates between the lives of any human being and the lives of their own US citizens is the fear of retribution, the fear of being caught and punished. It is common knowledge that Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Nigeria do not value their citizen’s life and liberty like the US does. The blatant disregard – of the Bush administration and CIA – for human life is very evident in post 9/11 wars, covert activities, tortures (now revealed to public) and huge loss of life of non-US citizens as ‘collateral damage’.

A person who does not value life does not discriminate on the basis of nationality. The only consideration is the probability of being penalized. If this probability can be diminished by any means, be it propaganda or induced paranoia, then lives of US citizens are as sacred as the lives of any Afghani, Iraqi, Pakistani or Yemeni.

The real motives behind wars – especially the most expensive ones – are ascertained not by the wager’s agenda at its commencing, but by what was achieved at it’s culmination.

Very early after 9/11, it became clear that Bush and his cronies were primarily after Iraq; its oil and seeking vengeance on Saddam. Failing to find any plausible nexus between Saddam and Bin Laden; the villain of 9/11 script, or any presentable evidence of Iraq’s alleged WMDs (weapons of mass destruction), US went on and invaded Iraq on these very pretexts. Only to shamelessly and remorselessly admit, years later, that the two grounds on which Iraq was invaded and the main war in Afghanistan was ignored, were unreal and DID NOT EXIST. There were no WMDs in Iraq.

But Bush had got his vengeance on Saddam, and US had considerable control over Iraqi oil. How many have sought criminal action against the US, Bush or his cronies for needlessly obliterating a nation? The paranoia stricken world did not care, does not care for the subsequent loss of life as long as they were told how all of it is for their ‘own protection’; the only narrative that will make a human being become blind to another’s life and liberty.

Surveillance drones, on ground intelligence agents of the world’s best and most experienced clandestine operations agency, billions of US dollars, loss of thousands of lives, infiltration of Afghanistan, could not achieve the one main goal behind US war on terrorism; capturing Osama Bin Laden. It took them a little over eleven years to locate and eliminate their worst enemy and realize the rationale behind their war. Eleven years that exposed the world to terrorism far more than it was before 9/11, and ravaged two entire nations.

At the end of its 13 years of war, when the US forces left Afghanistan, terrorism breathes steadier, Taliban still pose a threat to not just Afghanistan but the entire region, Osama may have been captured and killed but Al-Qaeda is alive, and Iraq has given birth to another vibrant and ruthless radical organization called the Islamic State. None of the stated goals of this mutli-billion dollar war have been achieved. The alleged hidden agenda of gaining control of Iraqi oil, neutralizing a threat to Israel, and teaching Saddam a lesson, has been achieved. While the US failed in its war, it seems Bush succeeded, and real or fake, 9/11 made it happen.


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