Ramblings: Love, Hate, Survival and Murder

If you do not wield the power to kill, and the sanction to use that power, you are apparently irrelevant in the human world.

The battle between good and evil is perpetual. It started with the first of humans, it shall only end with the last. The precedent set by son of Adam has been staunchly followed by his descendants. Every subsequent murder thins the line between good and evil. Thousands of years in existence, having murdered millions of our own species, today the line is almost invisible.

The instinct of survival in the human being dictates his behavior. Needs for food, sleep, shelter and sex are all offshoots of the primal need to survive. Somewhere in our journey of evolution, we connected our survival with death of another. We have murdered possible threats to our communities, occupants of communities that contained resources needed for our survival, opponents of our agendas and beliefs, proponents of beliefs that weren’t ours, our enemies, the enemies of our friends and the friends of our enemies. We have murdered to protect our food and to snatch food from another. We have killed to protect our families and murdered families to satisfy our lust, greed or hunger. We have killed in the name of religion and God. We have killed the innocents of other religions because someone from their religion killed the innocent from ours.

If the world were a specimen in some laboratory of a galactic institute of sciences where they studied a species called humans, the students of that institute may not identify survival as our primal instinct, but murder.

We have grown leaps and bounds in weapons technology. Billions of dollars are spent in research and development of new and efficient ways to kill more and more people with one push of a button. We have empowered the most ruthless people in the world to fight proxy wars against our enemies. And now, done with our enemies, they direct that power at us. Yet we still empower more, to fight in other areas of the world. Hate grows with every passing day. The notions of love and peace are buried deep beneath the mountains of our greed, insecurities and imprudence.

Powerful states kill and oppress at will and sow seeds for a backlash at their own citizens. Radicals wage terror wars at the citizens of such states and their allies. Lust ridden animals from all countries and all religions rape and murder women and children.

The Universe began from singularity and is ever expanding, increasing the distances between objects and matter. While bodies of mass grow farther from each other, the same seems true for our souls. The value of life is diminishing every day. Empathy is extinct and so is humanity. We hate those who kill us out of hate, yet we do not love ones who do not. We hate countries, religions, sects, ethnicity, political parties, beliefs and individuals. We know more about hate than we do about love. Today in the face of terrorism and radicalism, we all hate terrorists. Those who do not hate them, hate us.

Everyone hates yet not everyone loves. And maybe that lies at the root our problems, at the root of all evil.


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