Imran’s Marriage and Our Nose


Forget about his sons and sisters, how dare Imran Khan marry someone without consulting us; the self proclaimed judges of everyone’s person?

OK! so he got married, but then had the audacity to push our noses out of his business for as long as he could. That is just ridiculous. Your business is our nose’s home Sir. Not just yours, as long as the business is not our own, it can be made a dwelling for our intrusive noses. Privacy is not your right, especially if you are a public figure. I mean eavesdropping on my neighbor can be plenty satisfactory, but the dirt I find on him does not help me feel good about myself as much as the dirt I find on a public figure who is respected by millions or even thousands.

To question the affairs of a public figure’s personal life, to find error in his choices and anything that may have the slightest semblance to misdemeanor in his actions, is like hitting the jackpot. If I can convince myself and my companion in the drawing room, tea stall, social media, cafeteria that a public figure adored by so many is – in at least in one regard – below me, I hence prove that I in turn deserve the respect, approval and adoration of all those people more than the public figure. I am better than him.

It is outrageous how these famous people, expect us to make a distinction between their public and private life. Why is it so difficult for them to understand that for us, there is no private life except our own. We intrude in the lives of our family, friends, acquaintances and even people we don’t know. We have the privilege of observing and judging anyone anywhere. What makes these celebrities think that they deserve any special treatment?

Especially if you are a politician aspiring to lead the nation as the Prime Minister. I am astonished at Khan’s failure to see the connection between his personal choices and the choices that he might make as the Chief Executive of Pakistan. He has allegedly married a woman of his choice without consulting his sisters or sons. Now what if he, as the Prime Minister, chooses to marry Pakistan to say Cambodia, without consulting the provincial governments and neighboring countries like India, Afghanistan and China. Mrs. Cambodia Pakistan may not be accepted into the family and the relationship will suffer. Is it that difficult to see how pertinent our intrusion in his personal life is.

We will intrude, we have to intrude. How else will we safeguard our state’s interests and simultaneously convince others, or at least ourselves, that we are, in some ways, better than all others. And we will not stop here. Now that Imran has chosen to make his marriage public, we will dig up as much dirt on his life partner and share it with the world. Pictures from her past that she willingly shared with her friends shall now be shared with the world to expose how “be-sharam” she is. Who knows, we may even find a picture of hers with a Jew, to corroborate the allegation against Imran of being a Jewish “agent”. Because she is now married to a public figure, her private life shall be given the status of an annex house to our nose’s humble abode that was Imran’s personal life.

It doesn’t matter how pathetic, disgusting and immoral our own lives are, the fact that we can make someone’s errors public gives us an advantage over them. To err is human, but to expose the errs of another seems even human-er.


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