United we stand??


We stand united! Do we really? Have we ever stood united?

Mothers who lost the light of their lives in yesterday’s massacre, fathers who lost their dreams, siblings who lost their lifelong best friends, little witnesses to the brutality who lost their innocence and faith in humanity forever, will grieve. They will grieve much longer than we will remember.

The shock and sorrow in yesterday was overwhelming. It not only took Pakistan, but the entire world in its grasp. We reacted by crying, with our hearts heavier than our heads. We made tall claims of having found a new nation in ourselves, of standing united. But can we? Will we?

We are divided by ethnicity, domicile and sects. We are divided by things as petty as political affiliations and viewpoints. Try writing for or against PTI or PMLN, try praising Malala or questioning the authenticity of her story, and you shall see the filth and hate that is spewed by a “united” nation.

A people divided by the pettiest of things, cannot be united by gravest of tragedies.

We are absolutely spot on in prescribing unity as the medicine for all our ills including terrorism. But we do not deserve the satisfaction of having taken the medicine as yet. We will see divisions as soon as we attempt to identify the real enemies. Some will point fingers at India, others at Afghanistan or the CIA. Still others will deem them all conspiracy theories. There will be some who will blame Pakistan for its role in the war on terrorism as a cause of terrorist activities. To our surprise, there will be people who will still sympathize with the taliban.

We will see divisions as soon as the momentary grief for another man’s loss wears off. Grave as it may be, this tragedy could dim the lines between us for only a few days. We will again stand against each other, hating each other for being in this or that political party, for having one view or the other on the real enemies of Pakistan. We will yet again label one another as CIA agents, pro-taliban, traitor and what not.

We may stand together, but we do not stand united, not yet. Never did we need unity more than we do right now. And if a hundred and thirty two of our children going below the ground cannot make us rise above our petty issues, I am afraid nothing can.

Our disunity is our contribution to the terrorists and all anti-Pakistan elements. The animals that attacked our children do not value life, if we manage to unite in the aftermath of this calamity, we can prove that we do.


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