Who ya gonna blame?



“If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters)
If it’s somethin’ weird and it won’t look good
Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters)”

Today I was reminded of this very catchy theme song from the movie Ghost busters. No I did not have any encounter with ghostly entities. I just saw several politicians from PMLn and PPP blaming PTI for the humiliation that our dear Mr. Zardari Juniour went through yesterday in London. I cannot apologize for not calling him Bilawal Bhutto because I do not own a Honda Corrola.

Politicians, especially leaders from PMLN and PPP have been conditioned to believe that any and every incident of embarrassment for them is not owing to their own incompetence or questionable conduct. Instead it is the outcome of Imran Khan’s “instigation”.

“Who ya gonna blame (PTI)”

So basically if anyone anywhere shows any reaction to the political mayhem at the hands of any political party or politician you should know that reaction is not genuine. No sir! it is just a bunch of PTI goons instigating innocent naive people. I am sure had PTI not been in the scene, had Imran Khan not said all those bad things about the saints that lead these parties, then all the leaders belonging to PPP, PMLN and JUIF would have been greeted with roses, cakes and candies.

When an innocent civilian dies because the son of an ex Prime Minister is paranoid, it is not wrong or unjust at all. It is these “youthias” that portray this noble deed as evil. These goons have snatched from us the pleasure of thanking our lords for kicking our butts.

When a hardworking man was awakened in the middle of the night because of load shedding, you know what he used to do? He would thank his God and then these leaders and pray for their wellbeing. But now there are PTI ‘youthias’ who call them on their cell phones and instigate them to curse these pious ministers and leaders.

When citizens of this unfortunate land found out that they have been overpaying for a utility that they hardly ever get, they were planning a rally in support of their incompetent – if not corrupt- rulers. But these youthias, I tell you.

I am not a PTI youthia, nor am I a jiyala of any other party. But I do believe that Imran Khan deserves credit for waking this nation up. I don’t think he can be an able statesman but everyone has a role to play in God’s plan and Khan has played his role really well. It is not Khan’s instigation that has lead people to express their emotions for leaders who have deprived them of life, liberty and peace. It is his struggle that has encouraged people to think and act for themselves.

So to all who, as a defense, blame every voice that is raised against them on Khan’s instigation, I say man up, think sharp and find a better response than denial.


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