If there is one exercise that has carried forward from our school days to our practical life as adults, it is the labeling of diagrams. Remember the workbooks or questions in our exams asking us to label a picture? As a society we have very aptly applied the same as a principle in our lives, only replacing diagrams with people.

• A politician who is not a member of a political party that you support ——— corrupt, dishonest, traitor.

• A politician who was corrupt and crooked but has now joined the party that you support ——— honest, patriotic, a changed man, a revolutionary.

• A journalist who writes in line with your views —————- honest professional.

• When the same journalist writes contrary to your opinions ————- lifafa journalist.

• People who question ‘the Malala story’ in any way ————– Jaahil, pro taliban conspiracy theorists.

• People who believe that ‘the Malala story’ and subsequent events are genuine ——— CIA agents.

• People with beards and caps/imamas ——————- fundamentalists, molvis.

• People who dare disagree with our understanding of Islam ———— kaafir.

• A woman who is bold, confident and independent ————— behaya.


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