Can’t help it

Even if one is to believe that PMLN is on higher moral ground, one can see that its fans and spokespersons are working really hard to dig holes in that ground. Ill informed assertions, statements and questions add to the number of question marks on the party. Thanks to the fans and spokespersons, PMLN is not just questioned for its dictatorial trends but also for its competence and collective IQ.

Following are answers to just a few questions and assertions that I have come across on television and social media. I am not a spokesperson for PTI, I just can’t tolerate nonsense. I can’t help it.

There are just a few thousand people with PTI, how can they challenge a government that has the support and mandate of 18 crore people?

First, the claim made by several political parties of having the support of 18 crore people is absolutely false and frivolous.

No political party has ever bagged all the votes polled in an election.

The voter turnout has never exceeded 56 percent.

In the general elections 2013, a little over 8.6 crore voters were registered out of whom only 4.6 crores cast their vote and the rest abstained from voting. This abstinence can best be taken as a show of disinterest or no confidence in any political party.

Out of these 4.6 crores, around 1.47 crores were cast in PMLN’s favor while PTI bagged approx .75 crore votes.

So even if the unregistered population is to be ignored, PMLN got around 17 percent of total votes registered.

Therefore neither PMLN nor PTI, or any political party for that matter, has ever had the support of 18 crore awam.

Second, the fact that there are thousands of people still standing speaks of their resolve and commitment. Even if they were 500 standing strong for almost a week, the government is under obligation to address their grievance. Million or hundred, each of them is a Pakistani.

Why has PTI waken up to protest against Islamabad now, after a year of elections? If they believed the Assemblies were a result of fake votes and rigged elections, why did Imran Khan take oath from the Speaker who’s election was also allegedly rigged?

PTI did not just wake up, it has been protesting alleged rigging since the elections. PMLN may not remember it, owing to their consistent ignorance of the said protest. As for the oath, PTI is just following precedent set by the “democratic” PMLN when their ministers took oath from a “dictator”. It was claimed that the oath is being taken in the interest of democracy, while reserving the right to protest.

In PTI’s ranks sits Sheikh Rasheed, who sat with Pervez Musharraf once and with Nawaz Sharif before that. Isn’t that sufficient to show PTI’s real face and intentions?

If the history of a person who sits in PTI’s ranks is relevant in identifying their intentions. Then PMLN’s intentions can be ascertained by the many cabinet and assembly members that supported Musharraf, People’s Party or PMLQ before joining forces with them.

PTI’s demands are unpopular as all political Parties in the Assembly do not support them.

Is it really surprising that a call for a free and fair re-election is opposed by the Members of Parliament who would be unseated if this demand is met?

It is a protest against the government and assemblies. Expecting the Assembly to support the protest is like expecting PTI to start opposing its own demands.


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