Khan’s Speech, Protest and Result.

So this is what I got from the “most important speech” of Mr. Imran Khan’s life.

1. He announced/launched a civil disobedience movement. Specifically asking followers not to pay bills and taxes.

2. He gave the government (PM to be specific) two days to resign.

3. In case of no resignations he warned of a march on the Parliament and PM house.

              So the civil disobedience movement is announced for two days? Followers shall not pay utility bills (none of which will be due in two days) or taxes (due date for which is 30th September)? At least there is an inherent assurance that the entire population will adhere to his call, without even having to do, or abstain from doing, anything.

              After 48 hours, if the PM does not comply, will civilians attack the Parliament and forcefully throw out elected (no matter how controversially) Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister?

            If you have planned to give the government a two day deadline, why in the world would you announce a civil disobedience movement?

              I don’t think I need to comment on the absurdity of his “most important” speech any further. But I do know that Imran Khan is pretty confident that the battle is already won. His body language and inability to hide his expressions, that portray excitement, are pretty obvious. It may be for reasons of the “referee’s” assurance that the Supreme Court will intervene within these two days and the intervention will result in the Government being sent home, Sharif family’s accountability, a care taker setup, electoral reforms and general elections.

             I do however believe that I will not be able to judge the success of this protest on basis of its outcome, as its outcome will most probably be owing to a “divine” intervention. Otherwise a sit in where the leader comes and goes at his convenience and launching of a civil disobedience movement, stretching over an insignificant 48 hours, is enough to gauge the political maturity and acumen of this protest.

          Now then, if the Judiciary does make the spontaneous – or pre planned – intervention and the Government is sent packing by the Supreme Court, which by the way is free from any PCO pollutant, then this soft coup will be far more legitimate than that of 1999. I cannot agree with the precedent being set, but I do appreciate the efforts put in to give it a legitimate face.

           I feel that this time around the PMLN leadership might not get the helping (foreign) hand. They may have to face the music. As for Mr. Khan, he may well be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan, unless the elections keep moving away. And if Mr. Khan is to be the next PM, I sincerely hope for his sake, for his followers’, and for the sake of Pakistan that he is a politically mature person by then. Regardless of my reservations as regards his politics, I do know that he is the last hope for so many. I do not want to see those hopes being shattered once again, for they may never be alive again after that.

God Bless Pakistan!!


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