One liners

Following is a compilation of my one liners. My thoughts put into words over the past few years.


1. The world is a mix of the idiot and wise. One suffers at the hands of the other.


2. Before I ask for directions, I must admit I am lost.


3. Only when you are able to withdraw your nose from the affairs of others, can you see the filth under it.


4. You must learn to learn before you can learn.


5. Negativity is a disease of the mind. It is like an advanced virus that begins by infecting you and ends by becoming you.


6. Everyone is born pure, impurity is acquired and learned. Life is then all about learning to unlearn.


7. Between you and your self is a door with many locks. Silence is a key to one of those locks.


8. The most important step toward knowing, is realizing the significance and insignificance of “I”.


9. Success is a reassurance that you are on the right path. Failure is only a redirection.


10. You cannot win an argument with an idiot because you are already a looser to have gotten into one.


11. The purpose of  ’emotional needs’ is to give people, with fulfilled physical needs, something to whine about.


12. Going far out in search of the truth is futile if you haven’t found it within.


13. Some adults have a child inside. In some cases that child hasn’t realized that there is an adult outside.


14. Self pity is the quick sand on the path of personal growth.


15. Questioning frees you from the shackles of your own conscious.


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