From A Conspiracy Theorist, Paindu.



“The gullibility of mankind would always keep the confidence of conspirators and propagandists on the rise. OH you stupid stupid you make it so easy to play with your superiority and inferiority complexes” …
Eving Ellof Atim Fukinyoo. December 97, 2003348.

(Note: If you believe the date is correct you are a modern liberal sensible person, if you dont….I hate you you conspiracy theorist paindu!!!)


We believed that Jerry trained on a Cessna plane and was able to maneuver one of the largest aircrafts, while descending, at around four hundred miles per hour, into Tom’s tower that would look more or less like a needle from the cockpit. We believed that the consequent fire was so hot that it melted metal and caused Tom’s tower to collapse yet spared Jerry’s passport from its fury.   

We believed that the big mighty Wolf  had all the right to invade the little piggies’ house because there were Wolf Massacre Devices (WMDs) hidden somewhere inside the house. And after the Wolf  massacred the piggies, raped the female piggies, butchered their kids and occupied the house he casually shrugged and admitted; “oops, there were no WMDs afterall” and we concurred “oops..”.

And we believe that a worldwide terrorist orgaisation, which is responsible for the assassination and killings of thousands of people and whose modus operandi is use of explosives (suicide bombings or timed devices) or indiscriminate firing of AK 47s suddenly chose to use a small caliber pistol when it came to killing a little girl…how very thoughtful of them. Taliban are sho shweet i tell you.

NO! am not going to end by saying ‘wake up people’ like most such pieces, because you guys are better off asleep. Sweet dreams!!!



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