Tsunami must Recede


When PTI’s chairman Imran Khan chose the word ‘Tsunami’ as an analogy for his party or movement, many were surprised at his choice. A little over a year after his party came into the limelight with a successful show at Minar e Pakistan, I find his analogy quite apt.

A tsunami strikes and plays havoc with land but then retreats, becoming part of the silent sea again. Land is never the same after the tsunami has left; it destroys frail buildings leaving rubble calling out for reconstruction. It reminds us to build stronger buildings with better foundations.

Objects that once formed part of the land are swept away with the wave and become unseen inhabitants of the sea. They are unfortunate victims who acquire the status of ‘lost at sea’ without ever actually treading on it. The extent to which the tsunami infiltrates land depends on how tall it stood before striking. But no matter how tall, there is always a limit to its infiltration, to its life.

The PTI tsunami of hope and change, electrified with the energy and desperation of youth struck Pakistan’s political shores. It created a panic in political circles. Many ditched their parties deeming PTI to be the strongest boat with more chances of survival amid a violent sea of change and revolution. Some realized their mistake; deeming tsunami a new kind of boat, and jumped back in to their respective boats. Others were stuck since their boats would no longer accommodate them.

This tsunami did raise awareness regarding our frail electoral system and loop holes therein and if appointment of a non-controversial and apt election commission is a result of this tsunami, I would say it did enough. The new vibrant election commission is doing its job and the fruits of these efforts would be borne in a not so distant future.

PTI tsunami also swept away millions of fake votes that were previously used to tamper the elections. Even if not directly responsible for the fake degree and dual nationality scandals, part of the said awareness and rectification thereof may be credited to it.

But I am afraid this was the limit, this is how tall it stood before it struck. A tsunami can never hope to become one with land. Yes it will leave behind puddles and ponds that may have a slightly longer life span but the tsunami must recede. The process of reconstruction has already begun. What was frail is now stronger than ever, striving to ensure a free and fair election among candidates who are qualified in all senses of the word. Democracy is finding ground, becoming more and more sustainable. There will be elections bringing a better government, better parliamentarians. Institutions will learn to co-exist. Pakistan will have a more popular government that will make more popular policies but the tsunami, am afraid will recede.


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