Yaum-e-being a Muslim

hypocriteI have always observed that we, as Pakistanis have reserved our patriotism and expression thereof for selected and designated days like the 14th of August, 23rd of March etc. The rest of the year we do not exhibit any love, care and sincerity towards our homeland. Sadly same is the case with our religion, there are days that we have designated for us to be or feel like Muslims. Today is one of those days; ‘Yaum-e-jashan-e-eid-e-milaad-un-nabi’ (Wao just saying that out loud makes me feel like a better Muslim already). But what is this day actually? This day, like several other occasions is more like a ‘yaum-e-being a muslim’ because somehow it seems that its days like these only which require us to be Muslims. We seem to have established this belief that on the Day of Judgment when God asks us why did u cheat? Why did you lie? Why did you kill your brothers? Why did you forego your prayers? And why shouldn’t the gates of hell be opened for you? we would say ‘hey hey hey! wait a minute, we celebrated the birthday of your beloved Prophet S.A.W’ and behold the gates of heaven shall swing open.

Consider this, there is this person who is completely ignored by his fellows, made to feel nonexistent throughout the year and then suddenly on his birthday everyone showers him with love, praise and promises to give him his due place in the following year and then from the very next day he seems to not exist anymore till his next birthday or till someone says or does something to dishonor him. Do you think this one day of love, obedience and respect would make him happy or would it rather make him doubt those people’s sanity?

Is protecting our Prophet Muhammad’s S.A.W honor and celebrating his birthday our only obligation towards Him? Prophet Muhammad S.A.W hated hypocrisy yet we gift wrap and present it to him on his birthday. When for petty gains you sell fake medicine that causes His people to die, when you rape women from His ummat, when you lie and deceive His followers in His name, when you hoard food for profit and starve His people, when for worldly gain and fame you make up lies about Him and exploit the gullibility of the innocent, when you walk in arrogance on this earth for you have wealth that was accumulated by corrupt ways, when you conspire to generate hatred in His ummat and divide them into sects and when you pretend to be his follower but in your heart are not, I don’t think He would even want you to be any part of a celebration of His birth or life.


2 thoughts on “Yaum-e-being a Muslim

  1. All good Sahi; but why restrict it to people from an ‘ummat’ … what about the ‘infidels’, who despite being non-believers do more of what the believers should do? Why can’t we just accept that causing any sort of harm (physical, mental, moral etc) to anything / anyone is just wrong … above all, we are humans … musalmaan, eesai hona to baad main ham ne apne liay choose kiya hai

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